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About Me

Island girl, travel lover, obsessed with coconut mojitos and helping short-term rentals succeed!

You can find me on a plane, or surfing through Google flights for my “next to” place. I love traveling, learning about new cultures and experiencing each place I visit as a local.  You might understand, then, my obsession with vacation rentals; they have given me the opportunity to feel like a local wherever I go.

I have a BS and ME in Industrial Engineering, and have always been passionate about efficiency and optimization, which in simple words means making the best or most effective use of your resources.

Merging these two passions, I have found an interest on helping hosts like you make the best out of your properties, and allow you to achieve more revenue. It is my mission to improve your short term rental listing, and reach the results you deserve.

Happy hosting,

Lace Hernandez

Fun Facts!

Go-to drink:

coconut mojito

Dream country:


Favorite smell:

coconut sunblock

Scariest thing I've done:


On my bucket list:

swim with sharks

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