5 Devices Every Airbnb Host Should Have in Their Rental Property

Hosting a property is a big deal. You, hosts, must know that it takes time and effort: from creating the listing, communicating with guests, cleaning the property, purchasing supplies, and the list goes on. That’s why I believe that anything that could “help a little” is very welcomed.

I’ve compiled a list of the five devices every host should have on their rental property. These items could make your hosting life easier by allowing you some control over the property and, without violating any policies, keep an eye on things. Let’s dive in:

1. Smart Locks

No more lost or copied physical keys. Provide guests temporary access with a time-controlled code, specifically for each guest’s check-in and check-out. Our choices:

August Smart Lock Pro, 3rd Generation

2. Video Doorbell

Monitor who’s in and out of your property with a video doorbell. This device is perfect for controlling extra guests, as well as furry friends if you have a no-pet policy. Our choices:

Ring Video Doorbell

3. Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat allows you to control the rental’s air conditioning from your phone. You can adjust it before the guests arrive or after they leave. Guests can easily adjust to make themselves comfortable. Our choices:

Google Nest Smart Thermostat

4. Smart Speakers

Speakers may not be of super help for you, but they’re a great addition to the guest’s experience. Let Alexa answer some of their questions like “what’s the best coffee shop around?” or “what’s the Wi-Fi password?”. Our suggestion:

Amazon Echo Dot Speaker

5. Multiple chargers

A USB charger is a convenient and thoughtful detail for your guests. By experience, in way too many trips I’ve left my charger so having one could ease a lot of stress! Our suggestion:

Anker Premium 5-Port Multi-Charger

Happy hosting!

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