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Instagram Reels Ideas for your Short-term Rental

If you’ve been hanging out on Instagram, you’ve probably already noticed this form of content Instagram introduced in 2020. Reels are fun and engaging video content that consist of video clips ranging from 15 to 30 seconds often containing music and text.

What’s all the hype about it? As with almost every new feature that Instagram releases, many want to jump right ins and see what it’s all about. So far, I’ve only heard amazing things about the effects of using reels in your account. Videos are entertaining and more captivating, and by being so short, it’s easier to get the attention of viewers.

Which is why it is a great tool to get your account in front of new eyes. Many accounts have already benefited from joining the movement early on, reporting significant growth in their reach.

Although these can be time consuming at the beginning, once you learn how to create them it’ll be a breeze.

My best advice:

Don’t be afraid to try it! Worst case: you don’t like it, delete it and try it again!

If you’re ready to boost your reach using reels, here are some ideas:

  • A quick tour of the main areas of your rental

  • 5 Reasons why we should visit your city

  • How it all started: your hosting story

  • The Transformation: Before & After pictures/clips of your rental

  • 5 Things guests will enjoy

  • Tips for visiting your city

  • One quick recipe your guests can cook

Tip: A great app to create videos, add music and record voice over the video is InShot app.

If you’re up for the challenge, don’t forget to tag me in your reels @mintstrhosting, or add the hashtag #mintstrhosting so I can watch and share!

If you found these ideas helpful, you’ll love what I teach inside my course The STR & Instagram Suite Bundle. I go over my strategies for an effective social media marketing focused specifically on short-term rentals. From crafting your optimized Instagram bio to creating strategic content the easy way for your posts, guides, stories, and reels! The bonus includes a super helpful mini-training on how to create reels using Canva.

Learn more about The STR & Instagram Suite Bundle here and get ready to attract your ideal guests and thrive on Instagram!

Looking for more ideas? Join my email list to receive a monthly calendar of ideas for content creation!

See you on Instagram! Happy hosting!

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