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6 Ways to Make Your Airbnb Guests Feel Like in a 5-Star Resort

While on vacations, I usually like to picture my perfect life and try to get as close as possible to that wherever I go. I search through #airbnb for the stay that has *the* perfect decoration that my dream house would have. I look for close by insta-worthy coffee shops that, in my ideal life, I would have breakfast in every day.

As hosts, you should provide your prospective guests a similar experience when looking through your listing. That image of an ideal life, a perfect scenery to fulfill their dreams. Hey, this is what vacations are for, after all... to escape from reality into our dreams. These 6 features will help your guests feel like their stepping into the cloud:

  1. Have a clean space, free of clutter. Remove any personal items, and items that have no use for your guests.

  2. Make it feel like a spa by adding fresh flowers in a vase, and gentle fragrances throughout the place. You can have scented oils, candles, and air fresheners. My favorites are:

  3. Have the right lightning. Bright lightning helps give the impression of an open, clean space. If this is the look you’re trying to accomplish, make sure the place has good light. If you have big windows, let the sunlight come in, do not block it with heavy curtains. If you are more into darker rooms, make sure it feels like a retreat spa by adding candles.

  4. High quality linen and towels are a MUST. Having white, soft and great quality towels is something guests really appreciate. investing in some good quality sheets that last and wash well will make all the difference. The quality of your mattress and pillows is very important; spend some time layering up the bed with comfy blankets and fluffy pillows for your guests to get a high-end experience they’ll never forget.

  5. High-end amenities and solutions. Let’s start with the smart lock for their entrance, followed by a high-end coffee maker, Smart TV, automatic wine opener, virtual assistance devices (such as Alexa), smart thermostats, and a multiple charging station.

  6. Include housekeeping and concierge. You can hire a company to manage your rental, and agree on a service level. Of course, these costs will be transferred to your guests on the service fee and cleaning fee. If you will charge extra for these, make sure the service is up to its value.

Your guests will appreciate, and pay more, for these features. Make sure to include them in your listing’s pictures and description. Highlight every feature that makes your place more valuable!

Happy hosting!


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