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Create the Perfect Welcome Guest Basket

There’s something special and memorable about the places you’ve felt welcome. When you arrive, you instantly feel at home, with a little bit of fanciness. Have you ever felt that way? For me, the best part of going to a hotel as a little girl was to see the towels and toiletries set up for us, I felt so pampered! 

Welcoming your guests and making sure they have everything they need and that feel comfortable should be your priority. Taking some time to create a little tray will make them feel special. You can have the same effect as little me at a "fancy" hotel with your guests with these simple steps, and a $20 budget. I will show you how.


Your guests are keeping you in business! Happy guests will leave awesome reviews, and will spread the word.

What I believe are essentials:

  • A treat like chocolate or mint. Or both – my favorite combination ever! Grab a pack at the dollar store and leave one for each guest.

  • Face towel – make sure it is clean, free of make-up stains

  • Shampoo – A little bottle of 2-in-1 will make the trick!

  • Soap – Small soaps are the best option for this tray. I love supporting local businesses, and Tersa Bodycare is one of my favorites. They offer handmade natural products, and are now incorporating beautiful tiny soaps that are perfect for your STR, and smell delicious! Your guests will love them.

  • Lotion or Oil – I’m a fan of TJ Maxx’s lotion section. You can find luxurious lotions and oils for $3-5, which is a steal!

  • Water and a cup – Distilled water, and a clean clear cup will make your guests feel like they are at a 5-star hotel. Dollar Tree has a variety of cups and water containers that scream luxury at a $1 tag.

  • Thank you note – this is a beautiful gesture. Thank them for choosing your property and wish them an enjoyable stay. You can find Thank You cards at Target and TJ Maxx for $5 a pack.

  • Finally, and if you want to go the extra mile, you can add fresh flowers, or green beautiful leaves. I’d save this for special occasions... if you know the purpose of your guests’ visit (anniversary, birthday) then go ahead, they will appreciate the beautiful detail!

Happy hosting,


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