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Instagram Story Ideas for your Short-term Rental

We’ve all been there. Not knowing what to post, feeling uninspired and lost, and feeling like you’ve been posting over and over again the same things! That’s the Instagram hamster wheel many of us have been trapped in.

I have good news for you! I’m committed to making your life easier when it comer to Instagram, and besides teaching you how to use Instagram to market your rental, I love sharing fun ideas for your stories so that you get inspired and get back to the game!

In case you’re not super familiar with stories, let me give you a super quick overview of what they are.

With stories, you can post photos and videos that vanish after 24 hours and are excellent for increasing your engagement. Specially, because you can add tools that help your audience interact, thus increase the engagement in your stories. Before I discuss the tools, it’s important that you understand what engagement does: when your audience interacts with your stories, the algorithm understands that your audience enjoys it and wants to see more of it, so it will move them to the front of the queue!

Now, back to the tools, here are some that you can use:

  • Location: when you add a location, it will appear in the story section of the location search. This means you can get discovered by those searching for a specific location.

  • Hashtags: you can add up to 10 hashtags in your stories. When someone looks for a specific hashtag, they can find your stories and discover your account.

  • Questions: interact with your followers by asking questions or providing a space for them to ask. You can answer questions directly to them, or share them to your story for everyone to learn. Note that when you share them publicly, the name of the account asking the question will be hidden.

  • Polls: super fun way to learn about your audience. Polls are great to let your audience help you decide on your decoration, things to share, and learn their interests in many topics.

  • Quizzes: quizzes are great to share facts about you, about your rental, or the city where your rental is located, among many other things.

Now that you know all the tools you can use, here are some story ideas for your content. Because consistency is key, I recommend creating a theme per day. Here’s an example:

Slow Mondays

  • Coffee shops

  • Spas, Spots to relax around town

CEO Tuesdays

  • Your hosting life

  • Things to do

  • Poll your audience: ideas for decoration

  • Guest Reviews

Community Support Wednesdays

  • Top 5 local shops

  • Favorite Airbnbs in X City

  • Favorite Cleaning products

Social Thursday

  • Events happening during the weekend

  • 2-3 Bars & Restaurants

  • 2-3 Breweries or Wineries

Friday Q&A

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ask me a question about hosting

  • Ask me a question about my city

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If you found these ideas helpful, you’ll love what I teach inside my course The STR & Instagram Suite Bundle. I go over my strategies for an effective social media marketing focused specifically on short-term rentals. From crafting your optimized Instagram bio to creating strategic content the easy way for your posts, guides, stories, and reels!

Learn more about The STR & Instagram Suite Bundle here and get ready to attract your ideal guests and thrive on Instagram!

See you there! Happy hosting.

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