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How to Survive Airbnb's Off-Season with 8 Simple Steps

Off-season can be a time of stress for Airbnb hosts. Trying to get a place booked when it seems like no one is interested might feel like an impossible task. Fear not! Let’s break this little monster in chunks and help you identify how you can have bookings on your lowest seasons.

First, let’s determine what’s your property’s off-season. This phenomenon occurs during a period in which travel and tourism reduce drastically. It might be Winter for some regions and it might be Summer for others. Whether you are in the warm or cold, there are always people in the hunt for an escape at a cheap price, and this is your chance! Let’s dig in.

1. Discount Price per Night

I know many of us don’t like to hear this, but it is necessary. Experiment with prices several times until you find one that works. It is recommended to go 25-50% off your regular price. Make numbers and try to at least break even. In this case, it is beneficial to have a break-even rather than an empty rental because word of mouth and Instagram work great as marketing tools. Make sure to add the word “Discount” to your listing title, as it will attract more eyes!

2. Freshen up your Listing

Rearranging your property pictures or taking new pictures are easy add-on strategies to any of these other tips. Select a different picture as your cover, identify what differentiates you from your competition and highlight it on your listing. Change your listing title to include “Discount” and any unique amenities that your competition lacks.

3. Offer some Extras

You might want to add some perks that could be of interest to any prospective guests. Some suggestions are:

  • Airport transportation

  • Free breakfast and snacks

  • Tickets to an event

  • Gift cards to a local restaurant

It may not cost much to you, but it can make a difference to the guests that are comparing your property against your competition. With all the added extra services, they will feel that it’s worth the stay.

4. Be More Flexible

A good strategy is to be more flexible. Verify your competitors: do they offer Instant Booking? Are they pet-friendly? What’s the minimum stay? Should you offer this as well? You might want to be more flexible with your bookings during the off-season. If there are only a handful of opportunities to book a guest, you won’t want to lose them due to strict settings that can loosen up without hurting your business.

5. Network and Market Locally

While tourism might be low, there are always families visiting relatives or friends. This is your opportunity to let your neighbors, coworkers, and customers at the coffee shop know that your property is available! Go into Instagram and look for influencers and offer them a one night stay in exchange for promotion, do collaborations – contact an artist and offer to showcase a wall art on your property and both will promote each other. This is the time to connect with your community and look for ways to support each other.

6. Get Creative!

Not booking any stays? Then try booking events! Retreats, masterminds, social events are a great way to find some extra money. Do you have a rooftop? Offer it for birthdays or proposals. Do you have a beautiful garden or a gorgeous room? Send pictures to local photographers, they might be looking for a place like yours! Photoshoots are a great opportunity to add extra cash in the low season without investing or requiring too much clean-up effort afterward.

7. Market Local Attractions

Off-season is the time to share local attractions surrounding your Airbnb property, and you’re the expert! I’m pretty sure you don’t stay at home during all off-season, there must be things to do for fun! This is your moment to transform into a local tourist guide and share on your Airbnb listing or social media all the good reasons why everyone should visit your city. Off-season means an opportunity to see things from different angles, no lines, and no crowds. It may be a chance to try out the best dish at your favorite restaurant, or a seasonal beverage at the local coffee shop. Think outside the box and sell it as your life depends on it.

8. Offer Discounts to Previous Guests & Family

Contacting previous guests with discounts for them or family members can be helpful. They once visited, there might be a chance they will visit again! Send them a message with an offer extended to friends and family. And also, don’t forget about your family… they could be looking for an excuse to visit and a limited time offer may be exactly the answer they were looking for!

Now go and tackle that low season and get ready to boost your bookings! Follow these tips and be creative! You’ll see how opportunities start to come up. We’re here to cheer for you!

Happy hosting!

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