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Resilient and Adaptable: Airbnb Rental Strategies to Thrive

I used to listen to podcasts during my commute from home to work and vice-versa, so you might imagine how episodes I have to play catch up! Anyways, on the top of my list, there's always the Goaldigger Podcast. (If you haven't subscribed, do yourself a favor and do as soon as you finish this post!)

I was listening to an episode where Jenna Kutcher was teaching us how to see life & solve problems as entrepreneurs. I've said this over and over, but it's worth repeating: I fully consider short-term rental hosts entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry. So #AirbnbHosts, listen up! (or, should I say, read...)

Jenna mentioned that when she used to work for Target, they had various leadership terms, and one of them was “resilient and adaptable.” How relevant are both of these words to our current reality! Don't you think? We've had to develop the ability to adapt and pivot to keep us afloat.

With a world almost paralyzed and travel restrictions still in place, enforced by the government or enforced by each individual in an effort for being safe and healthy, what's the new normal for short-term rentals?

I believe there needs to be a shift in the way we market rentals. I myself am a travel lover and have decided to postpone most of my plans to when it feels safer. So if many are not traveling, and booking stays, what can you do as a host to keep your business running?

I will share with you some ideas I've seen work on other rentals and might work for you or spark your creativity for your new marketing strategy:


Locals may not want to travel yet, so #staycation will be the most suitable option for many. They need a break from their quarantine shelter and most likely are searching for a safe place to vacation. What strategic actions can you take? 

  1. If you’re using Instagram, include hashtags related to traveling locally, reach out and engage with accounts (restaurants, other Airbnbs, photographers, interior designers) at driving-distance from your rental (surrounding states). This increases your visibility for users close to that region.

  2. Reach out to friends, coworkers, and family! They might be needing a safe place for families and friends to stay.

  3. Share on your community Facebook Groups.


Creators and entrepreneurs need a space that helps spark their inspiration! Some may be needing a place to finish writing their books, or start a novel, or build a website without distractions. Sometimes booking for 4-7 days is enough to complete a project that requires full focus and your place might be the perfect spot for someone! What strategic actions can you take?

  1. Make sure your space is prepared to receive creators. Declutter, clean, take pictures of a space free of distractions, a comfortable desk, and all the amenities they’ll need.

  2. If you’re using Instagram, include captions and hashtags related to creative work, writing projects, coffee makers, and elements that can boost creativity like natural light and an inspiring view.

  3. Share on local artistic community Facebook Groups.


Remote workers and students need a comfortable place where they can be productive. As more industries and educational institutions are moving to digital environments, the awareness of the need for an “office-like” space is increasing. Kids coming back from college have realized there’s no space for them back home, and you’d find families opt for, instead of paying a dorm, pay for a rental. What strategic actions can you take? 

  1. Make sure your space is prepared to receive remote workers. Share pictures of the desk and chair on your social media and listing site.

  2. If you’re using Instagram, include captions and hashtags related to working from a rental, co-working spaces (if it’s suitable for working groups of 3-4), and talk about the excellent internet connection, working stations, and coffee station.

Only those who pivot and stay consistent in working towards their goal will make it out strong. Of course, it will take some time and effort, for sure it will require to step out of your comfort zone and reach out to others, and of course you will learn so much about your business. Don't stop! Pivot, discover, realign, and thrive!


Happy hosting!

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