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Top 3 Free Logo Maker Apps for Your Vacation Rental

Long gone are the days when you needed to hire a graphic designer for your business logo. Technology has been so good to us! Nowadays, we have our phones and super friendly, and free, apps that help us create a fabulous logo in minutes.

As a host, you might wonder why would you need to create a logo. Let me remind you that having a vacation rental makes you a business owner! Exciting, isn’t it? And having a logo is a way of creating a brand around your business. It will help you tie in the theme, colors, location, and give your property some life of its own. It is no longer “my rental”, it is the “Little House on the Prairie”, or maybe “The Mermaid Lodge”, or the “Cactus of the Desert Cabin”.

Creating a logo is a fun and easy process. I will share with you some tips and my top 3 favorite apps that will help you create your official stamp in minutes! Before we dive in on how to use the apps, there are some principles for a logo design:

  • Simple – A simple logo makes it recognizable. Use graphics that only contribute to what you’re trying to communicate.

  • Memorable – An effective logo should be memorable. Make it such that people can have it in their memories for a while.

  • Timeless – A logo should be modern, but not using “hot” elements that can go off trend.

  • Versatile – If you have a complicated logo, you might not be able to reproduce it to business cards, t-shirts, and other promotional items.

  • Appropriate – Make sure your logo is relevant to your message and theme. Don’t use Coca-Cola or Disney fonts for a logo of a cabin in the woods.

Now that you understand these guidelines, let’s start with the most fun part. Grab your smartphone or your laptop and start playing with these practical and easy tools available on the market, for free, for entrepreneurs like you.

1. Canva

Canva has been my “go-to” tool for everything social media. Canva has a drag and drop interface which is great for those who have no design expertise. Creating your logo is a simple process, with plenty of templates, free and paid, to choose from. Start with one of their free templates, and then change the text, colors, and fonts, to match your theme. You can upload your own designs, or choose to form the app’s library. Be creative! Being such an accessible app, many can access the same templates, so change it up a bit to make it distinguishable. You have the option of downloading your high-resolution logo as PNG, JPG, or PDF. We have a tutorial on creating a logo using Canva on our Airbnb Social Media Strategy guide.

2. Hatchful by Shopify

Hatchful by Shopify has become pretty popular since they offer a range of tools for online businesses. It’s logo maker application, Hatchful, offers you the chance to create a logo in just seconds, without the need for design expertise. It has a great variety of designs available. You select your business type, your style, type the business name, and where you expect to use it. You can select the generated logo, or make tweaks to perfect it to your style. They provide your logo in all formats needed for social media for free.

3. LogoMakr

LogoMakr is a super easy software program to create and design a logo. You can choose from a variety of graphics and symbols, add text, and change fonts and colors. The website has several tutorials that will help and guide you right away. When you’re ready, you can download a low-resolution logo for free in PDF format, or pay a $19 fee to upgrade to a high-quality version that you can use for many purposes (t-shirts, business cards, stickers, or more).

Are you ready to show us your logo? Let us know which tool is your favorite and tag us @mintstrhosting to take a look at your creation and celebrate with you! 

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Happy hosting!


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